Simple. Effective. Secure.
All your data, ready when you are.

Tugger swiftly and securely pulls data out of your business systems into a data warehouse, making integrating with data analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau a piece of cake.

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  • Your data is ready in no time at all
  • No development needed

Your data, ready to Integrate

Data from your cloud or on-premise systems, straight into analytics


Once your data is in the warehouse, you choose what to pull through into your data analytics reports. You can look at individual data sources and business areas, or combine the lot for a complete view. And you can change this report-to-report giving you a view on it all.

Reasons to Tug

Zero maintenance

Tugger maintains your API integrations with cloud system for you. One less worry.

It’s extremely secure

Your data is held in a state of art secure environment. Even Elliot Alderson couldn’t get in.

It's simple

Getting set up and running a Tug is simple. No coding required. None. Not even a </>

It's fast

Your data is ready, and in your chosen data analytics system, in no time at all.

It’s cost effective

No surprise costs. There’s no contract and data storage in a secure warehouse is included.

Risk is reduced

During a Tug, your data’s put into pots, reducing the risk of errors when you set up your reports.

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