Simple Pricing

As with the rest of Tugger, we keep our pricing simple. We have just one price plan because we feel this gives our customers what they need, and that’s the point of Tugger after all.

Tugger costs £75 per month, included in this is:

  • 5 Data Sources
  • Unlimited Tugs. Why not!
  • Up to 1 million rows stored in our state of the art data warehouse
  • A growing array of template reports to make getting started even easier.
  • Tugger support, for as long as you’re a customer.
  • There is no contract, you pay month-to-month. If you want to leave, we wont force you to stay. We’ll just listen to your reasons so we can constantly improve our product.
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As a growing company, we’re ever-expanding our integrations and free template reports. But as we expand our offering, we won’t increase our costs. So as we grow, you benefit too - that’s just how we think it should be.

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