+-Can’t I just connect to Power Bi or Tableau directly?

Yes you can. But it’s not straightforward.

Power BI and Tableau can’t take data directly from GitHub, Harvest or JIRA (or any other third party supplier). This means that getting your data into these systems will take an experienced developer a significant amount of time. And when the hard part is over, you’ll still need somewhere to store your data.

Tugger takes this headache clean away. We’ve had our experienced developers set up these integrations so we can act as the middle person. We’ll even securely store your data.

And the really cool bit, when you perform a Tug, your data is put into neat little pots. So when it comes to setting up your reports in Power BI or Tableau, you know exactly what’s what. Making life simpler but also preventing misreporting due to messy data.

+-Why do I have to pay you every month?

Transferring your data from GitHub, Harvest and JIRA is only part of the puzzle - admittedly the hard part. The data you import still needs somewhere to live. Included in your monthly Tugger cost is secure data storage.

And whilst you may only ever Tug once, Tugger is kept busy with automated Tugs. You can set these up to run as often as you need. So your data will be automatically updated and these updates will automatically be reflected in your Power BI or Tableau reports. So that report that took you hours to put together, actually only took you, err no time at all.

We also offer added extras like template reports to get your started.

+-Am I tied in?

Absolutely not. You can leave any time you like, but we’ll be sad to see you go.

+-How often will I need to Tug?

This is a bit like asking how long a piece of string is. It’s entirely dependent on your business and how quickly and often your data will need updating. But the handy thing is, once you’ve done your first Tug, the rest can be automated. So it’s entirely feasible that you’ll only ever do one manual Tug.

But if you need more, it only takes a few minutes to set up a Tug.

+-Can I integrate data from multiple sources?


When it comes to setting up your reports in Power BI or Tableau, because we put all your data into neat little pots, you can see data individually or look at multiple data sources to get a true picture across your business. Exciting stuff hey.

+-Are you planning on building more connectors?

You bet we are.

No matter which third party supplier you’re getting data out of, it will always be a complex process getting it into Power BI and you’ll always need to store your data somewhere. So we’ll keep developing connectors until everyone’s sorted.

Next in the pipeline are SalesForce and Xero. And if you're crying out for a connector, let us know. We can add it to our list.


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