Happy Customers help Tugger receive numerous accolades on Capetrra.

Given you’re reading this article, we’re going to assume that you’ve had a little peak around the Tugger website. If so, you might have spotted some awards, badges and stars at the bottom of our website, on the footer. The curious among you may be wondering what these are all about. 

These accolades are courtesy of the good folk at Capterra and due to some even better folk, our lovely customers

Capterra is the world’s largest software review website. It helps buyers of technology services whittle out the best products via honest and verified user reviews. The site is owned by research big guns Gartner, so it’s an extremely well-respected site that’s trusted by over one million users in the UK alone.

Reviews are completely independent and reviewers are verified, so we’re blushing a little to think that our flattering array of stars is due to real customers using our product and wanting to share their thoughts - which we’re delighted to learn are overwhelmingly positive. *Only one of the reviews was left by our mum, and she had to use Tugger for a month first - she liked it! 

So that explains the stars, you may also be wondering what the badges are all about. Here’s how Gartner explains the badges. 

“Software companies whose products receive strong customer ratings and reviews on the Gartner Digital Markets network of sites — Capterra, GetApp and Software Advice — receive badges”. 

So when a product get overwhelmingly positive reviews in a specific area, they receive a badge. Collecting badges makes us nostalgic for our days at Cubs so we’re hoping to collect them all but for now we’re extremely proud that Tugger has received ‘Best Ease of Use 2023’ and ‘Best Value 2023’. We’re all about making life easier for Power BI users, it’s kind of our MO, so these two badges mean a great deal to us. 

But what makes us really, really happy is that we didn’t receive these awards at a glitzy ceremony where a panel of judges decided our fate. These awards were given to us be-cause of our customers’ genuine thoughts and experiences. We love how much Tugger is helping our customers and we’re extremely grateful to everyone who used their valuable time to share their thoughts - thank you! Your reviews help us ensure that we continually develop a product that is genuinely helping. We want to keep growing and developing our product in the right way, so please do keep your honest thoughts coming.

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