The simple way to get your Cash data into Power BI or Tableau

Our ETL means your Cash data is auto-integrated with Microsoft Power BI or Tableau for beautiful, easy business reporting in a flash.

CASH is an integrated and expert system providing a complete solution to streamline service management organisations. With up to the minute information, CASH gives you the ability to provide outstanding service cost effectively, on time and in full – every time. Our CASH Tugger connects securely to your CASH software and 'Tugs' the data into our enterprise-level data warehouse. From there, you can load it into Power BI or Tableau with a simple URL. And with automated Tugs, you can be rest assured that your reports will always be up-to-date. No code. No skewed data. No wasted time.

Get started quickly with our Cash Power BI template reports

Tugger exists to make data integration simpler. With Tugger, and this template report, you'll be whizzing off illuminating business reports in no time.

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