How to get your simPRO data into Power BI, and what to do when it’s in there.

This webinar has now passed but fear not, we've added the recording below so you can catch up in your own time. As the webinar isn't live, you won't be able to ask any questions, but if there's something Power BI/simPRO-related that you're just bursting to know, drop us a note.

In the meantime, here are the main things we covered in our 50-minute webinar for simPRO users. Hopefully, we can save you seemingly-endless hours of internet browsing and developer time as after watching this webinar, you'll be ready to start making your data analytics dreams come true.  

What we cover:  

  • What Tugger is - in like one sentence!
  • Getting your simPRO data into Power BI with Tugger - Screen-by-screen walk through. There aren’t many screens, it’s super-simple.
  • Walk through Power BI reports - this should save you a heap of time. We’ll show you key areas like setting up dashboards and notifications. You’ll also get the VIP treatment as we highlight some hidden features (gasp now!)
  • How to build a Power BI report – We’ll walk you through it, including creating a data model, adding custom columns and some of the pretty stuff like graphs and charts. We’ll share our tips and tricks as well as what’s absolutely crucial if you want to avoid skewed  reports. 

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