Webinar for HubSpot users: Get started in Power BI

Our webinar for HubSpot users who want to get set up in Power BI has now passed. But if you missed it, you’re in luck, we’ve embedded a recording below. OK, it’s not quite the same as joining us live, but our screen-by-screen instructions will show you how to make reporting on HubSpot data in Power BI as simple and fruitful as possible. There are two parts to the webinar: 

Part One: Getting started 

We’ll show you how to get your HubSpot data into Power BI using the Tugger ETL tool. If your data is already in Power BI, fear not, this won't take long to demonstrate. When you use Tugger to get your data into HubSpot, as part of your subscription, we’ll set you up with the following key reports:

  • Deal Analysis
  • Sales Team Analysis
  • Deal Pipeline Analysis
  • Company Analysis 

We take you through what these reports show you, what they look like and how you can use them to best effect. (If you’re not using Tugger and don’t plan to, there’s still value in learning about these reports as you’ll likely want to work with a developer to get them set up.)

Part Two: Giving your reporting extra magic 

We show you how to make the most of these reports, and any other reports you produce, with features such as:

  • Setting up mobile reporting
  • Distributing your reports
  • Setting permissions
  • Activating alerts
  • Tips and tricks for more data insights 

More Reasons to Choose Tugger

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