Data Processing

Version 1.0.0, March 2021

This document summarizes our commitments to you where we are a Data Processor (when we process your data through our systems ). If you are interested in information about the personal data that Tugger collects and processes as a data controller (your Tugger account data, company information etc.) please proceed to

We may also process personal data to provide data analysis and other services to our customers. Such processing of personal data is governed by a data processing agreement entered into between us as the data processor and our customer as the data controller. We process such data only on the instructions of our customer. If you have any questions relating to such data processing, please contact directly the relevant data controller.

General legal terms

General terms, such as "Tugger", "Services" or "Content" are defined at

Using Tugger

  • Tugger allows data extraction from a number of difference sources and services
  • Our staff are trained on data handling and security
  • Our systems are regularly monitored
  • Data transfers are handled over Encrypted TLS/SSL HTTPS connections
  • Data extracted is stored on Tuggers servers
  • All extracted Tugger data is stored in UK data centers
  • You have the right to delete your extracted data on our servers at any time
  • The data extracted is for you only
  • No data will be extracted without your explicit authorisation.
  • We use a number of APIs to access only the data we require
  • You can disable access to your connections at any time

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