Tugger is a Xero certified partner

So you’re a Xero user hey? If so, maybe you heard about Tugger from a colleague or perhaps you stumbled across us through one of our articles about the cool financial reporting that you can unlock when you connect Xero to Power BI via our Tugger app. (If so, that is some pretty niche googling!) Or maybe you’ve no idea what Xero is, in which case we’ll be honest, this article probably isn’t for you. 

Because this article is about letting you know that Tugger is a Xero certified partner. We’re extremely proud of this because we think it is very important. Xero holds your company’s financial data, so if you’re thinking about getting support to connect this data to Power BI, then it’s extremely important that you use a tool you can trust. As we’re a Xero certified partner, you don’t just have to take our word for it when we say your data is safe with Tugger because our app is secure. So forget about worries over your data, and start dreaming about all that extra reporting you can get in Power BI.

And just so you know we’re not telling porky pies, here’s our partner listing on the Xero website along with a little information about how Tugger works. If this has whet your appetite, there is more information about how Tugger works, and why Tugger is the easy way to connect your Xero data to Power BI in this article on Accounting web.

So if you’re thinking about connecting Xero to Power BI - and we totally think you should - then hopefully, Tugger helps you see that this can be done painlessly, and our Xero certified partner status gives you confidence in our app. 

*By the way, while we’re here, it’s worth noting that if you really want a rubber stamp of approval, then where better to look than our customers. We’re delighted to share that we’ve been awarded numerous accolades on Capterra, the UK’s number one software review site, thanks to our customers’ genuine and honest reviews. 

That one really does make us blush so before our heads swell, we’ll move on! We’re aware that you may have confidence in our product, but you may not be totally clear why you should connect your Xero data with Power BI, so to finish, here is a very condensed summary of why you should consider viewing your Xero data in Power BI. 

  • Automate reporting
  • See your data in real-time
  • No more manual data imports, automatically pull data between systems.
  • Advance your reporting (for yourself or to offer more to clients you advise) 
  • Connect your Xero data with other business data for a complete business picture, unearth patterns, trends and the true consequences of business decisions. 

We had you at automated reporting, right? So we’ll leave it here but hopefully we’ve got your trust, we’ve explained how Tugger works, and most importantly we’ve got you excited about the possibilities. 

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